GO Security antivirus; premium protection for your phone

Progression in technology has affected the human race both in positive and negative ways. Some creations have turned out to have a huge impact on people. The growing antivirus and malware have taken down the internet stealing millions of personal data and causing damage to the system performance. We are in a stage where an electronic device cannot be used without proper cyber-attacks. To ensure safety every device should have active antivirus software as everyone in this digital world is vulnerable to cyber hacks. This blog shares information about an antivirus that protects mobile devices from malicious cyber threats, GO Security.

GO Security is a freemium antivirus software designed especially for Android devices. Apart from cyber protection, they also consist of a battery-saver feature and junk clean-up option. GO security provides security in four different levels, so the wall of protection cannot be easily broken. They can be used both as an application and system scanning software. Their scanning criterion is based on the definition-based method.

GO Security first scans for known malware, viruses, and Trojans. Then it scans for pirated copies of applications that can be possibly infected by ransomware and other modern threats. Finally, they check for privacy threats, and as the last step, they discard the junk files. After every scan, the software displays information about the scan and the details of the threat detected. GO Security also flags certain information on the clipboard and allows you to directly remove it within the application.

With GO Security, you can’t find any independent benchmark data. It is important to note that the software doesn’t install any applications or tools without your permission. Experts say that GO Security detected every malware sample which was exposed to them. Along with the quick scan, GO Security consists of a deep scan tool that lurks through every file, folder, and app list to check for infection. By default, you get the real-time protection feature such that the system detects potentially risky applications before they are installed.

One of the drawbacks of Go Security is the inability to adjust the scheduled scan interval. Also, you can manually turn off the real-time protection and deactivate database update alerts.

Features of GO security

GO Security is designed with a wide variety of features that improves your device performance and guarantee security in case of loss or theft.

The CPU cooler, Junk Cleaner and Memory Booster

GO Security is powered by three different optimization tools: CPU cooler, junk cleaner, and memory. As the first step, the software analyses whether the CPU is stable. If it is overheated, you can click on the “optimize” button which helps in three centigrade drops. GO security closes unwanted programs and will reduce overheating. If your system is filled with junk, GO security, automatically prompts you to install GO Professional Junk Cleaner.

The advanced battery saver and memory boost tools help to improve performance by shutting down the unnecessary applications running in the background.

VIP Tools and Privacy Protection

The premium version of GO Security includes premium features like Safe Browser, Privacy sensor, and Pirated App scan. For safety purposes, the application has an inbuilt Intruder alert mode which automatically clicks images when the PIN is entered incorrectly more than two times. The privacy protection feature successfully identifies phishing sites and malicious URLs through traffic tunneling. The privacy sensor option provides a list of things that your app has access including location, contacts, phonebook, etc. Here, you can activate or disable the permission individually.

Snap thieves with intruder alert

Go Security is designed with an intruder alert tool that clicks images using the front camera when the app lock is entered incorrectly multiple times. These photos are stored in the gallery and also uploaded to the cloud. If the phone is stolen, the images on the cloud storage can help you figure out the thief.

The WiFi Security Scanner option allows you to understand the speed of your Wi-Fi, the number of devices connected to that network and prevents the captive portal from operating the network.


GO security provides a free version as well as a premium version. With the premium version, users can access three-privacy protection VIP tools. You can subscribe to a premium plan at affordable prices and the free version can be directly downloaded from Google Play Store.


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